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Depth of immersion of pipette tips

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1250ul Filter Tip (Boxed)

Laboratory pipette selection range:

Overall, the usable range of the pipette is 10-100% of the maximum range of the pipette.

The best recommendation based on operating experience is: The optimal range of the pipette is 35-100% of the maximum range of the pipette.

Pipette controls the speed of aspiration:

During the pipetting process, the pipette must slowly lower the downward pressure of the thumb, so that the liquid rises evenly and slowly in the tip.

Laboratory pipettes control the depth and angle of aspiration:

(1) Depth of immersion of pipette tips:

The depth of aspiration should be assured to achieve the required pipette volume;

The pipette keeps the outer wall of the tip in contact with as little liquid as possible.

(2) Pipetting angle: The pipette must be kept in an upright position during the pipetting process.

About pipette residence time:

For large-range pipetting (ml level) and pipetting with a viscosity significantly higher than that of water samples, the pipette must be held in the liquid for 3-5 seconds after the thumb is released during aspiration

Laboratory pipette storage:

After using the pipette, the pipette must be adjusted to its maximum range and then hung (can be hung on a dedicated stand or on the metal bar of the laboratory bench cabinet). The method of using pipettes must be familiar with the above requirements.


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