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We are only 30 kilometers away from the Shanghai Port,it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other country.


Our products are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to Europe,America, Japan and other destinations around the world.


Our annual production capacity is over 10,000,000,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.


We have our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.


we can offer the better price and better products directly.


We can provide customers with timely and high-quality services, and create a one-stop supply model for customers.


The first time I contacted Kelab, I was deeply impressed. Freya was able to answer my confusion and questions in a timely manner until late at night, which surprising me. Each subsequent cooperation has also provided me with a good experience.
Jason Martin
Kelab made me feel safe throughout the buying process. Yooyo is very professional. I showed their products to my clients. My clients tested and said that these products are of very good quality and exactly what they need. At the same time, I am very satisfied with their price.
Barbara Smith
I have been working with Kelab for 3 years and I am very happy to have chosen them from the beginning. They are specific at supplying plastic consumables. Meanwhile, filter pipette tips are very comprehensive, so I don't have to search for other suppliers. If possible, I suggest you to try their other products as well.
Mark Sommers


What is your guarantee or warranty if we buy your product?

Before placing an order, we can send you our samples. At the same time, if you have any doubts about the product after receiving the goods, we will also arrange a special person to properly solve the problem for you.

What if you can't provide what I want?

If the product you need involves some personalized needs, we may not be able to manufacture it, but please believe that Kelab has 5 years of industry experience, our resources are abundant, we can help you find the corresponding manufacturer.

What are the payment options?

When quoting, we will confirm the transaction method with you. Payment method we are 100%T/T in advance. After cooperating for long time, we can negotiate about payment terms to support you.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the product?

Depends on the type of product you need, and also on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, under this kind of international situation, we would recommend you to do FOB terms.

What about the details of the packaging?

To ensure the integrity and safety of product packaging, main products are packed in cartons, please kindly advise us if you have any packing requirements.

Glass dropper and Petri dish on laboratory table
What are the benefits of purchasing consumables from China?

In short, China’s industrial chain is much better. There may be similar manufacturers in India, Vietnam and Malaysia, but Kelab can guarantee that our prices are on par with theirs and our quality, service far exceeds your expectations.

Which of your products are selling better?

All consumable products are popular, but not all markets are the same. So if you plan to buy them, it is best to consult our experienced consultants.

How will the goods be delivered to the customer?

Usually we ship by sea, because we are in Shanghai, we are only 30 kilometers away from Shanghai port, and it is very convenient to export by sea. Of course, if the customer’s goods are urgent, we can also ship by air. Shanghai International Airport is very close to us.



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Spin Column
81wells Cryo Rack
3ml Cryo Tube
10ul short Filter Tip (Boxed)
10ml Pasteur Pipette
Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle (Amber )
Petri Dish
0.2ml 8-Strips PCR Tube With 8-Strips Flat Caps
50ul Filter Tip