Petri Dish

Designed for easy one-handed opening and closing, the top and bottom edges are squared to provide a stable grip point. Flared and specific skirt length covers for easy removal and replacement. There are three ventilation compartments on the underside of the petri dish lid to prevent condensation build-up. The specifications of 35-150mm round dishes and 100mm-150mm square dishes are available.


Product Details

  • Standard slideable petri dish.
  • Top and bottom transparent viewing surfaces.
  • Disposable (single-use) polystyrene petri dishes for general microbiological use.
  • Molded from medical-grade virgin polystyrene.
  • Optically transparent.
  • Irradiation Sterilization.
  • If the sleeve is not opened, the contents are sterile Ventilation grid allows free air circulation and reduces condensation during incubation.
  • Flared flap skirt and right-angled bezel for easy one-handed operation – especially when wearing gloves.

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