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Something you need know when you use filter pipette tips

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Blue one millilitre pipette tips in the box. Chemical laboratory

1. Use proper pipette tip: To ensure better accuracy of test, it is recommended that the pipetting amount be within 35%-100% range of the pipette tips.

2.Installation of the filter pipette tip: for most brands of pipettes, especially multi-channel pipettes, it is not easy to install the pipette, in order to pursue good sealing, it is necessary to insert the pipette sleeve handle into the pipette and tighten it by turning it left and right or rocking it back and forth. Some people will repeatedly hit the pipette tip to tighten, but this operation will lead to the deformation of the pipette tip and affect the accuracy, or even damage the pipettor, so this operation should be avoided.

3.Suction head immersion Angle and depth: the suction head immersion Angle should be controlled within 20 degrees of tilt, and vertical is preferred.

Specifications Pipette immersion depth
2μL and 10 μL1 mm
20μL and 100 μL2-3 mm
200μL and 1000 μL3-6 mm
5000 μL and 10 mL6-10 mm

4. Rinse with suction: For samples at room temperature, moistening with suction helps to improve accuracy; However, for high temperature or low temperature samples, suction will reduce the accuracy of operation, please pay special attention to it.

5. Suction speed: Pipetting operation should be kept smooth and appropriate suction speed; If suction speed is too fast, it is easy to cause samples into the toggle and result in piston and seal ring damage and cross contamination of samples.

Experts suggest:

1. Maintain correct posture during pipetting; Do not hold the pipette tightly all the time. Use a pipette with a finger hook to help relieve hand fatigue. Change hands as often as possible.

2.Check the sealing condition of pipette regularly, and replace the sealing ring in time once the sealing aging or leakage is found.

3.Calibrate the pipette 1-2 times a year (depending on the frequency of use).

4.It is necessary to give the piston coated with a layer of lubricating oil to maintain sealing before using and after a period of time for most of pipettors.


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