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How To Check Pipette Accuracy Quickly

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Clinical laboratory in process of chemical analysis. Collection of probe using automatic pipette.

First, we need to determine if the pipette is leaking.

Detection method:

1) Visual inspection: dry the liquid with the straw under test, and then stand vertically for 15 seconds to observe whether there are droplets slowly flowing out. If droplet outflow is slow, pipette leakage is indicated.

2) Pressure pump detection: use a special pressure pump to detect the pressure and determine whether the pipette leaks.

If the pipette leaks, we must analyze the possible causes of leakage:

First, check whether the prompts match. It is recommended to use the original matching nib. If it is not the original pipette, it is best to consult the manufacturer or agent to see if the pipette you are using matches the pipette you are using.

Secondly, is the nozzle tightened when assembling? It is possible that the pipette was not tightened during installation, causing leakage.

Finally, if the problem is not found in either case, it is most likely due to poor air tightness inside the pipette. Contact the pipette company engineer.

After eliminating the first case, we also investigate the second case.

In general, when the temperature of the pipette is inconsistent with the temperature of the suction head and pipette, the following two differences occur:

  1. When the liquid temperature is higher than the suction head, the amount of pipetting will be too large;
  2. When the liquid temperature is lower than the nozzle, the amount of pipetting will be too small

If the second case is still ruled out, then we investigate the third case below:

Observe whether the density of liquid sample is significantly different from that of water.

Generally speaking, the calibration of pipette before delivery is carried out with water as the standard liquid. Therefore, if the specific gravity of the liquid being operated differs greatly from that of the water, the accuracy and accuracy given may not be satisfied. An error occurred.

After all the above problems are eliminated, attention should also be paid to the suction speed not too fast. Too fast suction speed will cause backwash and bubbles, resulting in inaccurate pipetting volume, and ultimately affect the accuracy of the pipette.

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