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0.2ml 96wells PCR Plate, None-Skirted

96-Well Non-Skirted Plates, White, for use in PCR and qPCR applications hold up to 0.3 mL of well volume when paired with adhesive films. The plates feature a cut corner located at H1 and are compatible with most thermal cyclers. The white color increases the signal-to-noise ratio in qPCR assays.


Product Details

  • 96 Wells Plate without skirt can be cut to any design format.
  • Low profile and High profile are available.
  • Semi-Skirted is easy to mark.
  • The corner cutting can facilitate location.
  • 384wells PCR plate has small capacity, it can reduce reagent dosage and cycler time.
  • Compatible with most thermal cyclers.
  • 5pcs/bag, 5bags/box, 6boxes/ctn.

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